Sunday, October 16, 2016

Gears of War 4

I pre-ordered the Gears of War 4 2 TB Special Edition Xbox One S and I gotta say, I am very satisfied. This is actually the first Xbox system I own, prior to this I was on PlayStation 3, and prior to that I was a Nintendo fanboy through and through. I have come to accept that my current gaming future lays in Microsoft's hands (despite my dissatisfaction with them in other fields.)

Now I am not super familiar with the Gears of War lore, as I only ever played through the first one, and partially through the second one, but I still remember enough about the series to know that I really loved the atmosphere, the story, and the feel of the franchise overall. I can not say that I feel the same way about the new Gears of War. In fact, after doing a little bit of reading online, and from what I remember about the story, and the series, this new Gears of War game feels like an unnecessary addition to a story which already had a pretty satisfying ending. It's not to say that I don't enjoy the game, because I mean, yeah it's fun...but I could just have easily done without it. 

The multiplayer is fun, and addicting though. I find myself unable to stick to playing through the story for more than 20 minutes before I find myself gunning through multiplayer, and although I am not super great at it, I find myself still having a ton of fun.

If anything, I would recommend this game only for the multiplayer, the single player really isn't all that special.

Last Two Kills for the win.

Still as gory as ever.

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