Thursday, August 17, 2017

Ghost Recon: Wildlands - Pt 2

The second installment in my play through of "Ghost Recon: Wildlands" is up, come check it out. Also don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe for the opportunity to enter future giveaways. Thank you guys for your support.

Now, for a little comment on the videos.

I know the jump cuts are pretty sloppy, and I do apologize for that, however I am using Lightworks, and I am not sure how to due smooth "fade-in/out" transitions using that program. I don't want to move to using Movie Maker, as that program tends to throw the video and the audio out of sync. for now I will have to deal with the poor jump cuts until I am able to afford a whole new video editing program. The reason that I am using Lightworks at this time is that Lightworks has a free version which is pretty easy to use, and does alright despite many of its features being limited.

For now I just ask that my viewers be patient and bear with me, but I welcome any suggestions for improving my channel. Thank you all for your support.

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