Sunday, November 18, 2018

The Future of The Blog


I really haven't posted in a long ass time, truth is that I was actually posting to a different website known as The Game of Nerds. I posted there up until I was asked to write about Comic Con events which I had no interest in, and thus no motivation to write about. At the same time I lost my job at a pretty high paying 3D printing lab, and thus focused my time and energy on doing other things, like looking for a new job, and doing Doordash.

Since I stopped writing I began to focus my energies on other things I have always wanted to do. For One I began to stream more often, while also creating more videos for my youtube channel. While I began the channel with the purpose of creating run through videos, I found myself getting bored, and often deviating from the main missions, in order to do side missions. I grew bored with this format, and so I began to focus more on Kill comps for Titanfall 2, PUBG, and now Black Ops 4. I understand though, that I will not grow my viewership through mere kill comps, but that I also need to find ways to engage my viewers, and create new content. I am still not sure what direction I want to take my channel in, so for the meantime I will continue my streams, and short videos of game play.

I have continued to post on my Instagram, but just as before, I am focusing mostly on my miniatures for the Instagram account. Although my primary focus was never to make everything about the minis, no, my focus was to focus on gaming as a whole, with some what more of a focus on traditional table top board games, but in the end it became mostly about the minis. As I grow my brand I want to change that, and I want to focus on gaming as a whole. What I would like to do more than anything is make a community.

So what's the future of this blog?

Well I just purchased a domain name!

The plan is to continue to work on the brand, to continue trying to grow the brand, and create a community of Gamers, from all genres and mediums related to gaming. I want to create a community to encourage people to post their clips, their works, their stories. So I hope you all join me in trying to grow this project.

Thank you.

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